1 K5600 JOKER-BUG 800 KIT

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This K 5600 Joker-Bug 800-watt light is an extremely powerful, compact HMI. The Joker-Bug 800 provides the most flexible optical configuration for location lighting with a Spot to Flood ratio of 55 to 1 and beam angles from as narrow as 5 to as wide as 45. This feature means a Joker-Bug 800 can throw a 5,235 footcandle beam 1.5 feet in diameter from 20 feet away with its spot lens. With its super-wide lens this fixture throws a 164 footcandle beam 16 feet in diameter from 20 feet. The included Beamer optical accessory turns the BUG-Lite into a JOKER-BUG directional Par unit offering various beam patterns through quick lens changes. Or, you can use the frosted beaker to alter the light quality emitted from the fixture. Plus the kit includes a Chimera softbox.

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